Explore Abbeville

The Abbeville Opera House

On October 1, 1908, what was then the Abbeville District dedicated a new Abbeville Court House and City Hall. The grand old theatre now known as the Abbeville Opera House was a part of that splendid pair of buildings "equal in beauty of architecture and modern conveniences of any in the state," according to regional newspaper accounts of the day. From that time on, all the "greats and near greats" played on the magnificent Opera House stage. Vaudeville was in its "heyday" as was Abbeville and the Abbeville Opera House.  

The Burt-Stark Museum

The Burt-Stark Mansion stands as a silent witness to some of the most pivotal moments in the tumultuous history of the War Between the States. Those moments deserve our consideration. Read all you can read, but take the time to experience the Mansion firsthand.

Abbeville Trinity Episcopal Church 

Trinity holds a virtual "library" of rare 19th-century American stained glass, including at least eight windows dating to the church's erection in 1859-60. Legend, passed down for generations, told that the chancel window was of English origin and ran the blockade through Charleston during the Civil War. 

The Diamond Hill Mine

Enjoy a fund day out mining for smoky quartz, amethyst. Skeletal quartz, clear quartz, quartz drusy, chrysocolla, and much much more.

Calhoun Falls State Park

Located on the shores of Lake Russell and just short 30-minute drive from Abbeville Calhoun Falls is a must-do trip for outdoors adventures. Enjoy camping, hiking or kyaking to one of the spectacular falls.